Ep 27: Listener Questions


Answering your listener questions all episode long this week!

If you’d like for us to discuss your situation on a future show, please submit it at cashtalkpodcast@gmail.com or at www.manvscash.com/cashtalk! We read every question and would love to see if we can help you out.

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Ep 26: Learn How To Stack. Forget How To Stunt.


I’m really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but building wealth is the best way to live…of all time!

Adrian & Missy discuss ways to increase your wealth in 2k18:

-Using your tax refund to play hard and invest harder.
-Keeping your interest rates low, and why it matters.
-Cutting expenses to boost your disposable income.
-Using annual raises to avoid lifestyle inflation and start growing.

…and a plethora of other financial nuggets that you should be doing.

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Ep 24: To Get A Credit Card, or nah.

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We discuss finding the BEST credit cards to save you money in 2018, honey!

-What lifehacks should you be doing with credit cards?
-Is a “balance transfer” worth it?
-How do you take advantage of promotional offers?
-What can you do to stay out of credit card debt?
-Will I mess up my credit for having too many credit cards, or too much credit card debt?

We also discuss our most expensive purchases ever, and realize how dull adulthood has actually become.

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Ep 23: New Year, New You? Let’s be real.

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Let’s be real. Every NYE, we all say “I’m going to do XYZ this year” and ultimately give up before Valentines Day.

Today, Adrian & Missy throw down some easy-to-achieve New Year Resolution ideas to makeover your finance and your well-being.

-How to stay motivated with your resolutions through the entire year.
-Saving money on things you probably don’t realize you’re wasting money.
-How to make saving for the holidays in 2018 easier than ever before.
-Tackling a new hobby to save money and wow your friends. #FrugalAndBougie


We also discuss our own resolutions this year… money related, and otherwise.


What is your New Years Resolution for 2018?
Share it below and we’ll read it on a future show!

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Ep 22: Charities. To Give or Not to Give.

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In the spirit of giving for the holidays, Naomi Asher, Executive Director for United Way of Anderson County, TN enlightens us on finding trustworthy (and non-scammy) charities and non-profit organizations.

-How are my donations used? Are my donations going towards making millionaires rich?
-Do charities actually make a difference in the community?
-How can you make an impact if you do not have cash to donate?

Also, Naomi shares some career-growth wisdom on the challenges and decisions she has personally made to advance her career and what she does to lead a charity that gives back to a community of over 75,000 people.


Click below to connect with Naomi, United Way of Anderson County, and all of the resources she mentioned in this interview.

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Ep 21: What to do when your Boo has a credit score of 422.

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Topic 1:

I’m totally debt free, but I just found out my credit score vanished. What the heck happened?


Topic 2:

My significant other manages their money and finances totally different than me, how do I get them to get on the same page?


Let Us Know: Other than a car/house, what is the most expensive item you’ve ever bought?

Submit your answers at CashTalkPodcast@gmail.com!

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Ep 20: Car Dealers Be Trippin.



Jay Hall joins us regarding used cars, how to avoid getting swindled, and what’s so freaking annoying about car shopping.

-What the heck do you actually want in a car? Can you afford it?
-What kind of tactics are dealers using to make you buy?
-Should I finance through the dealer?
-How can I tell what the car is actually worth? Am I overpaying?
-We’ve finalized the price… everything is done, right?

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