Ep 22: Charities. To Give or Not to Give.

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In the spirit of giving for the holidays, Naomi Asher, Executive Director for United Way of Anderson County, TN enlightens us on finding trustworthy (and non-scammy) charities and non-profit organizations.

-How are my donations used? Are my donations going towards making millionaires rich?
-Do charities actually make a difference in the community?
-How can you make an impact if you do not have cash to donate?

Also, Naomi shares some career-growth wisdom on the challenges and decisions she has personally made to advance her career and what she does to lead a charity that gives back to a community of over 75,000 people.


Click below to connect with Naomi, United Way of Anderson County, and all of the resources she mentioned in this interview.


Connect with Naomi and United Way of Anderson County here:



Naomi referenced the following resources to help you figure out how to find reputable charities or non-profits on a local and national level.

  • Guidestar.org – The world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.
  • CharityNavigator.org – A guide to find charities that you can trust and support.
  • Form 990 – The “Return of organization exempt from Income Tax” form that charities must file with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). You can find more info regarding a charity you’re researching online HERE, categorized by state.

She also mentioned how to locate a United Way chapter in your area by calling 211 to reach the United Way Database.

Naomi Asher was not compensated for her interview today, or in the future. She is offering advice for general education and entertainment purposes only, and not financial advice. If you have questions specific to your situation, you may want to speak to an expert in your area.

Starting in January 2017, Cash Talk will be airing new shows bi-weekly, every other Thursday. Don’t worry, the quality is still going to be immaculate. Great things are worth waiting for. 😉

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