Ep 23: New Year, New You? Let’s be real.

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Let’s be real. Every NYE, we all say “I’m going to do XYZ this year” and ultimately give up before Valentines Day.

Today, Adrian & Missy throw down some easy-to-achieve New Year Resolution ideas to makeover your finance and your well-being.

-How to stay motivated with your resolutions through the entire year.
-Saving money on things you probably don’t realize you’re wasting money.
-How to make saving for the holidays in 2018 easier than ever before.
-Tackling a new hobby to save money and wow your friends. #FrugalAndBougie


We also discuss our own resolutions this year… money related, and otherwise.


What is your New Years Resolution for 2018?
Share it below and we’ll read it on a future show!


Starting in January 2017, Cash Talk will be airing new shows bi-weekly, every other Thursday. Don’t worry, the quality is still going to be immaculate. Great things are worth waiting for. 😉

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Accent song from Bensound. Photo from thegloss.com


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