Ep 24: To Get A Credit Card, or nah.

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We discuss finding the BEST credit cards to save you money in 2018, honey!

-What lifehacks should you be doing with credit cards?
-Is a “balance transfer” worth it?
-How do you take advantage of promotional offers?
-What can you do to stay out of credit card debt?
-Will I mess up my credit for having too many credit cards, or too much credit card debt?

We also discuss our most expensive purchases ever, and realize how dull adulthood has actually become.

Adrian mentioned magnifymoney.com, a resource he has personally used to find a high yield savings account. They’ve got some other cool “finders” to locate the some of the best credit cards, checking accounts, etc. Oh yeah, and Magnify Money did not sponsor us to reference them in today’s show.

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