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Cash Talk is a weekly podcast using our 15+ years of finance expertise to talk about money

…from an average person’s perspective.


Adrian J. Hall


  • Car enthusiast.
  • Motivational speaker.
  • Abusive relationship survivor.
  • Dog lover.
  • Personal finance expert.

Adrian Hall has been directly involved in personal finance for over seven years. His career includes time as senior staff member for a multi-million dollar financial institution, residential real estate sales, automotive sales, consumer lending, loan servicing, and mortgage pre-underwriting with a specialization in local and federal –level residential lending.

He serves on the board of a young financial professionals networking group and has authored financial guidance articles for Out & About Nashville, Financialli Focused, The Lavender Table, among many other publications.

Adrian is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, women’s rights, domestic abuse, and black empowerment.

In his free time, he likes tinkering on cars, taking road trips, and playing Cities: Skylines & Rollercoaster Tycoon. He is positioning himself to become a real estate investor, and aspires to have a million dollar net-worth by age forty.

Follow Adrian’s debt free journey here: ManVsCash.com

Adrian’s favorite podcasts are:

  • Science Vs.
  • Brown Ambition
  • This American Life
  • 2 Dope Queens
  • Us & Them

Missy Strickland


  • Mother and nonprofit zealot.
  • Autism advocate.
  • Wanderlust hopeful.
  • Card carrying runner.
  • Personal finance expert.

Missy Strickland has spent the last 12 years in finance, both in financial institutions and  Securities Broker/Dealing. She attended college and received an associates in Pre-law/Paralegal studies. Subsequently, Missy interned for a mediator and worked for an attorney specializing in Family Law, before settling into her niche…finance.

More than a decade have been spent in securities, retirement planning, consumer, mortgage lending, servicing, and consumer loan underwriting, and portfolio analysis.

 Missy has a passion for nonprofits and has spent time serving on distribution panels, volunteering for fundraising events, and mentoring youth. Having a son with Autism fueled her desire to work with and aid in any effort to bring awareness to that and other disabilities.

 In her spare time, she loves movies, hanging with her friends, enjoying time with her family, and flying anywhere and everywhere. She has an ongoing love/hate relationship with running, and has completed a half marathon with hopes of completing a full marathon in the future.

Missy’s favorite podcasts are:

  • The Art of Charm
  • Savvy Psychologist
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  • Stuff You Missed In History Class
  • How Did This Get Made

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